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Primaflex Press

At Farnell Packaging, we talk a lot about people and the need to support our commitment to our customers' goals with the very best tools. Run after run, our state-of-the-art flexographic presses are central to achieving high impact graphics. We work diligently to ensure continuity of supply as well as the reproduction of even the most challenging designs.

Enhanced Printing Capabilities

Investment in the latest technology, highlighted by our choice of Windmoeller & Hoelscher (8-colour, sleeved, gearless flexographic presses with additional options of defect detection and continuous UPC scanning), reassure our customers that their design differentiation is enhanced, never diminished.

Award-winning graphics

Packaging roll with yellow graphics

Award-winning graphics require execution by experienced, committed professionals supported with leading-edge technology and a culture of continuous improvement. Farnell's range of flexographic presses deliver cost-effective productivity coupled with superb print quality. It's your money - spend it wisely.

Opaltone Digital Print Technology

What's the next big thing? Ask your Farnell Packaging representative if Opaltone Digital Print Technology is the right fit for you!